Program (preliminary)

Monday, September 2nd

1200-1400 Lunch & registration

1400-1430 Christian Lohmann - Wiring the developing visual cortex with spontaneous activity

1430-1500 Tommaso Pizzorusso - Visual and nonvisual regulators of ocular dominance plasticity

1500-1530 Siegrid Löwel - Promoting plasticity in the visual cortex: season 3

1530-1600 Break

1600-1630 Pieter Goltstein - Learning of visual categories is supported by enhanced feature representations in lower and higher areas of the mouse visual cortex

1630-1700 Claudia Clopath - Inhibitory microcircuits for top-down plasticity of sensory representations

1700-1830 Posters & drinks

1900 Dinner in restaurant Burgerzaken ( )

Tuesday, September 3rd

930-1000 Laura Busse - Effects of cortical feedback and behavioral state on responses in mouse dLGN

1000-1030 Christiaan Levelt - Thalamic inhibition and cortical feedback processing

1030-1100 Break

1100-1130 Tobias Rose - All eyes on dLGN: Functional binocular convergence of retinal inputs onto thalamic relay cells

1130-1200 Alexander Heimel - Seen that bird before. Habituation in mice

1200-1330 Lunch

1330-1400 Mark Hübener - Area-specific mapping of binocular disparity across mouse visual cortex

1400-1430 Leopoldo Petreanu - Organizing rules of hierarchical interactions in mouse visual cortex

1430-1500 Vincent Bonin - Structure and function of mouse higher-order visual circuits

1500-1530 Break

1530-1600 Pieter Roelfsema - Feedforward and feedback processing during figure-ground perception in mice

1600-1630 Yves Fregnac - Horizontal connectivity and Prediction of coherences in the integration of contour and motion in the Primary Visual Cortex

1630-1700 Tom Mrsic-Flögel - Mesoscale cortical dynamics reflect the interaction of sensory evidence and temporal expectation during perceptual decision-making

1700-1830 Poster & drinks

Wednesday, September 4th

930-1000 Christiaan de Kock - Cross-scale analysis of human neocortex: from synaptic communication to mental ability

1000- 1030 Frank Sengpiel - What does the retrosplenial cortex do? Visual and locomotor responses

1030-1100 Nathalie Rochefort - Neuronal representation of reward-predictive cues in mouse visual cortex

1100-1130 Break

1130-1200 Cyriel Pennartz - Neural mechanisms for multisensory stimulus detection in low and high areas of visual cortex

1200-1230 Emilie Macé - Revealing brain-wide networks underlying visuomotor integration with functional ultrasound imaging

End of meeting